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Welcome to Chan Buddhism podcast. Here is where you learn about meditation and Chan. You can find guided meditation and talks from Chan teachers here.

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Episodes that are coming soon

  • Facing death by Guo Gu
  • Home practice by Guo Gu
  • Practicing in Times of Uncertainty by Guo Gu
  • Precepts Essential to Practice by Ven Chang Wu
  • Dealing with Karmic Obstructions by Ven Chang Wu
  • Live a day in Purity and Simplicity Observing the 8 Precepts by Ven Chang Wu
  • The Teacher and Student Relationship by Ven Chang Wu
  • Holiday Spirit during COVID by Ven Chang Wu
  • Living the LIfe of Prajna by Ven Chang Wu
  • Direct Contemplation by Ven Chang Wu
  • Discrimination Mind by Ven Chang Wu
  • Discern the Erroneous Views by Ven Chang Wu
  • True and False by Ven Chang Wu
  • Wholesome Relationship with children by Ven Chang Wu
  • Metta Meditation by Ven Chang Wu
  • Living in Uncertain Times by Dr Rebecca Li
  • Facing Death by Guo Gu
  • Home Practice by Guo Gu
  • Practicing in Times of Uncertainty by Guo Gu
  • Huatou Dharma Talk by Guo Gu