Being Present by Guo Gu

This teaching is by Guo Gu (Dr. Jimmy Yu).
He is the founder and teacher at the Tallahassee Chan Center. He first learned meditation as a child in 1972 with Master Guangqin (1892-1986), one of the most respected Chinese meditation masters and ascetics who lived in Taiwan.
In 1980, Guo Gu moved to the United States and began studying with Master Sheng Yen (1931-2009). In 1991, Guo Gu was ordained as a monk and became Master Sheng Yen’s first personal attendant and assistant.
In 1995, he was given permission by the master to teach Chan independently; his experiences were later recognized by other teachers as well. Wanting to bring Buddhism beyond monastic walls, Guo Gu left the monkhood and re-entered the world in 2000. In 2008 he received his Ph.D. in Buddhist Studies from Princeton University and is currently a professor of Buddhist studies at Florida State University.
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