Discern the Erroneous Views by Ven Chang Wu

This teaching is by Venerable Chang Wu.

Venerable Chang Wu is the Director of Dharma Drum Vancouver Center in Richmond, B.C., a branch monastery of Dharma Drum  Mountain (DDM), founded by Chan Master Sheng Yen. In 1993, Venerable Chang Wu began practicing with Master Sheng Yen in  New York while she was a business professional holding an MBA.

She started her teacher’s training with Master Sheng Yen in 1999 and entered  monastic life the next year. In 2003 she started teaching as Dharma and  meditation instructor and a few years later leading 1-day to 3-day  retreats. In 2009, she moved to Taiwan and initiated a translation  project of Master Sheng Yen’s Complete Work. A few books on meditation  practice have been published now.

While working on translating books,  she was active in leading meditation activities and teaching classes in  Dharma Drum Sangha University. Currently, she teaches meditation and  Dharma classes, gives public lectures and leads retreats at Dharma Drum  centers, meditation groups and Dharma centers in west coast North  America, London, Luxembourg and Switzerland. Other than meditation practice, Chinese Buddhism, inter-religious  dialogue, she also enjoys being in nature, walking in the woods and artworks.

You can find more from her at https://www.chanmeditation.ca/

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