Resolving Anxiety the Chan Buddhist Way by David Listen

David Listen has been sharing Chan/Zen meditation and Buddhist teachings for over 15 years, leading intensive meditation retreats, classes, and  activities at various monasteries, college campuses, and private  institutions throughout North America, Europe, and East Asia. Previously known as Venerable Chang Wen (常聞法師), he was one of the few Western monastic disciples of Chan Master Sheng  Yen. He had been a monk for over a decade, and has since returned to lay  life to share the insights of the Buddha in his own creative way. David  is fluent in Mandarin Chinese, and has done extensive work translating the teachings of Chinese Buddhism into  English, both on retreat and in published works. He holds a Bachelor’s  in Environmental Studies, a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling,  and is currently a counselor at a clinic for people suffering from severe mental illness. He also has his own life mentoring  practice, guiding people in their cultivation of wisdom and compassion  on an individual basis.

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